In addition to off-site programs, City Ranch offers private and group youth, adult and therapeutic lessons at our facility convenient to the Baltimore beltway. Lessons are fun, interactive, and safe sessions which are individually designed to suit the needs and goals of the rider.


Lesson Details:

  • Child and Adult lessons are 90-minutes long.

  • Lessons include 30 minute of horsemanship (grooming, tacking up, and basic horse care) followed by 60 minutes of riding instruction.

  • Lessons are available 7 days a week. 

  • Start times range from 10am through 6pm.

  • Advanced payment and waiver is required.

  • An instructor will be with riders at all times.

  • Our horses are able to accommodate riders up to 250lbs.


2021 Pricing:

Group Lesson 

  • 90-minute group lessons are $90 for adults aged 18+

  • 90-minute group lessons are $80 for children aged 8-17


Private Lessons

  • An instructor will work with your riding goals to customize the one on one experience for you or your child.

  • Private lessons are two hours and $132 per individual.

Riding Evaluations

  • Children aged 6-7 who want to sign up for lessons must successfully complete an hour-long Riding Evaluation prior to joining the lesson program.

  • Riding Evaluations are a way for the instructor and the parent/guardian to together decide if the child is ready to participate in horseback riding lessons safely.

  • 60-minute Riding Evaluations for 6-7 year olds are $65.

Pony Rides

  • Children aged 3+ and adults may come out to the ranch for a pony ride.

  • Riders will be able to assist in grooming the horse, tacking them up, and then ride with an instructor leading the horse at all times.

  • Pony rides are $33.​

Trail Ride Lessons

City Ranch has a number of trails available on our property and we would love to share them with you. City Ranch requires that riders show confidence and capability in the arena prior to riding on our trails. Trail rides are the same length as riding lessons and follow the same pricing. If you do not have any riding experience, please schedule a riding lesson before scheduling for a trail ride lesson.

Make Up Policy

The City Ranch has a very liberal make-up policy.

  • Rescheduling/ Cancellations: If unexpected events require you to cancel we request that you notify us at least 48 hours before your scheduled Event/Class. This will allow us to offer your spot to another Student/Customer.

  • We will happily work to accommodate you, but kindly understand that we are unable to refund riders if they fail to notify us in advance.

  • For safety reasons, City Ranch reserves the right to cancel Events/Classes due to unsafe conditions which include extreme temperatures. Please check our website before you head out to the ranch. You will be rescheduled or refunded according to your preference.

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Our Curriculum

Our instructions are based on a curriculum developed by the University of Oklahoma, covering educational topics ranging from medical care to psychology.


Level I: 

Identifying the Horse, Understanding the Behavior of Horses, Handling Horses Safely, Grooming a Horse, Learning the Fundamentals of Foot Care, Recognizing Common Leg and Foot Problems, Monitoring Horse Heath, Performing Basic First Aid, Keeping a Horse.


Level II: 

Selecting and Caring for Tack and Equipment, Understanding Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Meeting a Horse's Nutritional Needs, Controlling Parasites, Preventing Diseases, Recognizing and Treating Lameness, Preparing to Ride, Conditioning the Equine Athlete, Caring for the Aging Horse, Marketing a Horse, Judging Horses, Transporting a Horse.


Gift Cards


Give the gift of horseback riding joy! Your contribution supports City Ranch programming and recipients have unforgettable experiences in the saddle!